Edisto Pride to Cosponsor Recycling Meeting

Edisto Pride will work with the Edisto Island Community Association to present a program on recycling for the entire Edisto Community on Nov. 18 at 7:30 p.m. at Jane Edwards Community School.

Colleen Condon, Charleston County Councilwoman, will present the overall direction of the Charleston County solid waste program. Ms. Condon has played a major role in looking at alternatives and finding solutions which will minimize environmental problems while providing cost effective solutions for the county. Increasing the amounts of solid waste that are recycled will, because of her careful analysis and leadership, be one of the primary county focus areas.


Eve Lightly, recycling educator for Charleston County, will present the bulk of the program. concentrating on how recycling can work in rural areas.


A poster contest with entries from the island's schools is currently being organized.
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