About Us:

Edisto Pride's Board of Directors:

President - & Executive Director Ida Tipton (Media & grants)
Vice President - Carroll Belser (Education & T-shirt Committee)
Treasurer - Town of Edisto Beach

Board Members:
Marian Brailsford (Beautification Committee)
Maurice Brown (Event Committee)
Jack McWhorter (Recycle Committee)
Francine Morrison (Education Committee)
Beverly Sandifer (Event Committee)
Bud Skidmore (Media, Website, Photography Committee)
Jim Wenthe (Beautification Committee)
Lee Wenthe - Education & T-shirt Committee

Contact Us:

E Mail Edisto Pride

Links We Like:

The Edisto Island Open Land Trust


The Edisto Island Historic Preservation Society


The Edisto Island Preservation Alliance


Keep America Beautiful


Palmetto Pride


SC Litter Control


South Carolina's Litter Laws


Edisto Island National Scenic Byway


SC DNR Documents 2012 Beach Sweep


SC Sea Grant consortium promotes 2013
Beach Sweep River Sweep


Keep America Beautiful's New National Public
Service Announcement for Earth Day!


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